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We are your partner, and support you for each step of your project. There are many key players in the industrial market but there are only few actors who can both design and manufacture. In IoT, the two are significantly related and therefore it’s important to be able to develop a product from beginning to end.   

We support you for the design of a new product: the Proof Of Concept, the realization on a product or fair service, the map redesign, the validation (quality control) up to the industrial part. Our End-to-end solution can also provide a redesign offer, improve existing products with a new design for a new version. We make software services, device management, threshold overrun alerts
management available thanks to a Software Platform in the cloudThenwe customize it for your business.

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From concept to manufacturing

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One stop-shop from design to manufacturing

In fact, from the start, we have a representative on the manufacturing side and the constraints are incorporated directly through the activities of the group.

We build electronic components from our Electronics activity by LACROIX for your products. This is our striking force : we have industrial experience of IoT product design. We made our know-how and expertise available to our customers with a strategic platform asset.

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Our strength in design 

We support

and accelerate the digitization 

of our customers’ businesses.

We develop and integrate bespoke algorithms.
Additionally, we support a range of off-the-shelf solutions from our partners. Our team has experience on numerous SoC  (System on Chip) platforms including Renesas, ST, NXP, Qualcomm and others. Impulse’s own brand products include reference designs and modules to facilitate easy access to complex, advanced technologies. We also have developed and license our proprietary IoT platform eSoftLinkfrom a customized device through bespoke UI applications. Thanks to LACROIX factories, we have capacity to answer large production needs.

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