Computer Vision and Edge AI, what are the challenges?

By combining image processing with machine learning and deep learning techniques, computer vision systems are revolutionizing many sectors, from Industry 4.0 to autonomous cars and Smart Cities. The emergence of the Computer Vision-Edge AI combo is ushering in a new technological era with intelligent embedded systems that process information locally, in real time, and securely.

Computer Vision Edge AI

Expertise at the heart of innovation

To capture these markets and deliver significant added value, Impulse designs software and algorithmic solutions for image processing, upstream of the vision system industrialization phase. By incorporating use cases from the earliest design stages, we develop Computer Vision and Edge AI solutions with a holistic understanding of the end product and its operating environment.

We design all the algorithms needed for the image acquisition workflow and for extracting the information required for object detection, classification and tracking, as well as for image segmentation and recognition of static and dynamic shapes in a scene. These algorithms have been designed to accommodate the varying computing power needs of both low- and high-performance Edge computing applications.

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From Cloud to Edge AI

Leveraging our extensive expertise in Computer Vision, AI, and embedded systems, we deliver algorithms optimized for execution time, memory footprint, and energy consumption.
Our capabilities encompass the design of learning models, their deployment in production, and the continuous optimization and maintenance throughout the embedded system’s lifecycle.

Our Imaging Laboratory for Camera Calibration

Camera calibration, a fundamental step in computer vision, is particularly critical for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) applications. At Impulse’s Imaging Laboratory, we calibrate all types of image sensors using advanced techniques that model both intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters. We ensure optimal image quality by intervening throughout the entire video workflow.

A Synergy of Expertise for Automotive and Industrial Innovation

Our expertise combines advanced image processing, including camera calibration, with the development and deployment of sophisticated Computer Vision and Edge AI systems. Impulse’s team of specialists possesses complementary skills in image processing, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and AI for Edge computing.

This synergy allows us to offer comprehensive solutions for the automotive and ADAS sectors, off-road vehicles, and various industries. We cater to software platform suppliers, Tier 1s, and OEMs. To ensure a complete solution, our electronics experts design hardware systems in perfect alignment with the developed software.

Innovations and Strategic Partnerships

Renowned internationally, our expertise is highly valued by leading semiconductor industry players.

Embedded in a robust operational ecosystem, we anticipate emerging technological trends and develop cutting-edge solutions tailored for future computer vision and Edge AI applications. As certified ‘Proactive Partners‘ within the R-Car Consortium by Renesas, we demonstrate our dedication to leveraging our expertise to drive innovation in mobility technologies. We closely collaborate with STMicroelectronics on various innovative projects focusing on video calibration processes and AI.

At Impulse, we continually strengthen our network of partners to provide our customers with the most relevant and effective solutions.

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Our team is dedicated to supporting you in developing your vision systems:

  • Expert Guidance: From the initial stages of your project, our experts provide step-by-step guidance, delivering premium Computer Vision solutions customized to your specific needs.
  • Prototype Development: We assist in the development of prototypes and demonstrators, speeding up your product’s time-to-market and lowering engineering costs by offering a range of ready-to-use software components.
  • Supply Chain Expertise:: Our deep understanding of the supply chain and each use case allows us to advise you on the best solutions to integrate, considering both technological and budgetary constraints.
  • Integrated Design: Our hardware and software design teams collaborate closely to provide turnkey products that meet your exact requirements.

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