A crucial step in the success of any industrial project, experimentation allows you to verify and consolidate the fundamental elements of your project upstream.
To ensure a good launch, it is therefore necessary to validate the uses of your project and define its value proposition.
For this stage of experimentation, you benefit from the support of technical IoT experts, our operational experience on IoT projects led by LACROIX and the solidity of a solutions provider specializing in critical applications.


Projet IoT idéation

#1 Ideation and context analysis

Together, we define how to best meet your needs and the challenges of your market, according to your technical, time and budget constraints. Using ideation and creativity methods, we build your IoT project together and define its value proposition, according to established use cases.

We focus on the experience of your users and your customers who are the first ambassadors of your project. Their feedback is valuable to fuel your thinking.
What are the expected uses? Do you have any examples of use cases?
What business model used? What data do you need to collect?

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Systèmes IoT

#2 Global definition
of the IoT system

Our experts transform your expectations into a concrete IoT solution based on clear specifications.

Depending on the characteristics of your product and the technical requirements to be taken into account, we determine the IoT functionalities to integrate into your digital ecosystem and your existing infrastructures. We have a dedicated team to drive POC ideation, innovation and development.



From idea to POC

1- POC :
Proof of Concept

Demonstrates that the idea and project are feasible

2- Prototype

Allows you to test the product in real conditions in order to validate its operation & use

3- MVP : the product
minimum viable

Validates the product with all the features for its final version

If you want to go further than the POC, our teams can also support you by creating a prototype and an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
With these different tools, we place user kits, according to the defined unit price, which therefore allow you to test your product
on the market and validate the use case.


The 4 key advantages of the experimentation stage with Impulse

✅ Identifying the value proposition
✅ Save time on processes
✅ Development of a systemic and organized approach
✅ Demystification to identify the main weak points


After this stage of experimentation, discover the design :