Impulse offers a 360° approach

The best partner to support you in the success of your IoT projects. 

Whether you want us to develop the entire project or just one aspect, our team of experts will bring you their expertise for the development of End-to-End solutionApps, admin Interfaces, IOT platform and smart devices,  we provide you a reliable, scalable and secured solution designed for your needs and your market.  

Designed to work on premise, on the Edge or in the Cloud, our IOT Platform EsoftLink provides real-time data collection, data management, analytical and reporting tools that allow businesses to benefit from data collected quickly, efficiently and securely. 

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IoT expertise

Impulse, your partner for an End2end IoT solution fully adapted to your needs and use cases

Our core business is IoT, from a design services point of view. We work thanks to a collaborative exchange to understand your specific needs with a product, connected or not, and we can develop that product fully. We work and adapt to your projects thanks to design thinking and our research lab.

Our experts in display and dissemination work on information and visualization, on User Interfaces from existing or customized tools. Indeed, we deal with back-end technique thanks to IA, Clustering, Cloud, Big Data expertise. We configure and control objects at distance thanks to a remote access to statistics and we provide cloud-based help. We also offer IoT solutions for security and device management, real-time monitoring and alerting. We implement data analytics and artificial intelligence, secure connections to Data Lake.

Concretely, non-powered IoT devices that run on a battery have very low power and require very careful power management. We bring you real expertise in power management to make sure you can get a very long performing lifetime out of your devices.


A tailored solution 

You have the idea, we make it real for you

 Impulse is a project booster for youYou are an expert in your market, we are expert in IoT solution. We will take care of your digitalization, design services and the technologic IoT part.

Our aim is to meet your unique needs. From the support in the upstream phase on the IoT strategy to your business case, including the development of the connected object (possibly its manufacture), the services of the IoT eSoftLink platform including, for example, device management up to business software interfaces.

Impulse works with predeveloped platforms (hardware or software) and blocks of expertise, makes it possible to swiftly develop a project. After that, we can customize the platform for you according to your specific needs. It enables to save time to market for your project.  

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Competitive advantage of Impulse 

We benefit from the key innovation and expertise of the group’s activities in terms of City, Environment and Electronics.  This synergy allows us to further enrich our skills, to use the know-how and make it available for you. It is possible to manufacture in large quantities thanks to the production factories of the Electronics activity of LACROIX.  

Impulse provides a solution that shares our driving forces, brings together our skills and makes them available to encourage you carry out your projects. Impulse has various areas of expertise that we make available for you in order to answer to your challenge. In terms of design services, our team of more than 100 engineers is specialized in on-board cameras, cybersecurity, hardware and mechanics.


Connected technologies 

As soon as you have a connected product, you need to concentrate on a lot of services that become available and required like cybersecurity, over-the-air programming to transfer the data at distance but also power. 

At the first step, we look at the whole IoT device system. We identify what the connectivity types are and what the frequency. We also consider the volume of data that we need to move from the device to a backend. All these questions need to be addressed in the early design phases and that’s something that our team had best. Then, architects and specialists in hard and software come up with a comprehensive plan and roadmap for your product. We can design a device to work with any backend. 

As a connected object needs an interface, we can create a mobile app, webapp or provision of APIs for integration into existing interfaces from the device to the interface for your project to interact with and install your new product. It is then important to be able to measure the data collected and to develop full stack of data. We produce various measurements and connection solutions for industrial devices or consumer devices, whether fixed or mobile, generic or custom, Intelligence on board or cloud/edge, but above all secure.

Explain us your project and we will find you a solution


Exemple & case study

We are partner of Total Energies:
Impulse by LACROIX worked on smart electric meter. These boxes retrieve data such as power or energy consumed in full and hollow hours. These data are sent back to a back-end. The display and graphics allow you to see your housing consumption live, calculate your carbon footprint. We’ve been thinking about the remote alarm programming, the energy conservation board. We have also implemented an energy prediction algorithm to predict abnormalities when you consume more than similar homes.

With another client:
LACROIX worked on connected air purifiers.
We have implemented remote air quality control connected
with touch screens or mobile (ionizers).  A warning system has been developed for poor air quality to be reviewed.

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