The challenge of IoT is to have objects that communicate every day by internet, collect data and display on smart phone. 



End-to-end solution

We support our customers with an end-to-end approach in the materialization of their IoT projects as well as from an Industrial IoT point of view, in order to guarantee the performance and security of the system.

End-to-end IoT allows to you to focus on your business case and sales of your service instead of spending time and money to synchronise different company. Traditionally, an IoT project involves a mobile app design house, a backend design house, an sensor design house, a manufacturing line, a cloud provider, a plastic injection company…

The Impulse offer simplifies your project management by having a unique company to deal with. We ensure the development of your end2end IoT project from the device to the interface through the high value-added services carried by LACROIX.

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Our expertise at your service

Our capabilities such as vision system, Ai, audio/acoustic, IoT, among others are at your disposal to enhance the value of your project and quickly launch your project. We also rely on a strong partner ecosystem to provide you with the IIOT technology.

We can design and produce your connected product (with a large possibility of IoT nodes), we connect it to our IoT platform to provide services and we can provide the right interface for the best user’s experience.


Difference between IOT and IIOT

A tailored end-to-end approach for your IoT or Industrial IoT projects

IoT and Industrial IoT are similar. Industrial IoT is IoT for the industry. IoT is rather turned towards consumers. It can be a watch, a bathroom scale, a fridge.

IIoT solutions are installed by specialist and require special interface for maintenance. IoT has the same reliability requirement as Industrial IoT. They have different constraints but it is ultimately the same design office that produced these developments. Impulse does both IoT and IIoT because it offers manufacture connected objects for business and then bound for consumers.

What is involved with IIoT :

  •  Reliability, MTBF (means time before failure is higher)
  •  Security
  •  Long term provisioning, product has to be able to be manufactured usually > 8 years (where consumer it’s 2 years)
  •  Working in extreme environment (under water, salt condition, extreme temperature range…)
  •  Autonomy, usually the system is installed far from human operation
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Strong connected technologies

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Safe and robust solutions

For Impulse, Industrial IoT means robustness, reliability and safety. Thanks to the know-how we gained over the past 30 years and the Group’s industrial DNA, we are experts positioned on these issues. We provide robust sustainable & connected solutions including the skills and momentum of LACROIX's activities. We work on a safer and more durable world.

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We control reliability thanks to the direct link with our LACROIX factories. This allows us to easily establish the link between designers, developers and manufacturers who produces the large-scale solution. The development of our own design offices and factories allows us to work in autonomy at every stage of production. We can integrate manufacturing constraints right from the early stages of the project and therefore manufacture safe and robust products.

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Testing phase for safety

One of our essential building block is the testing and system validation phase. It encourages us to test and envision ourselves in a perennial configuration of your business. What's more, the testing phase accepts samples and first product versions. We follow prototyping steps, to formalize proof of concept and check if the process can be sustained. This process certificates the solutions in our lab and in the field, then we improve them if needed and finally we produce on a large scale. The project team works in connection with the factory from the start. It is the strength of our end-to-end approach.

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