A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the means of connecting a user to a machine, system or device thereby enabling them to use the features and functionalities in an intuitive manner. It is the point of contact between the user and the machine. 

From mobile applications, backend dashboards, audio interfaces, touch-screen, physical touch, web app, API, we are able to implement the right HMI to respond to your customer’s needs.

We provide a systemic approach from the embedded SW on the device, the selected connectivity if applicable to the UI/UX through apps or interfaces such as touch and voice.

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A well-designed HMI does more than just present control functions and information; it provides an operator an intuitive interface to track status, receive feedback, configure and interact with the device, extending the user experience and rendering it easy and seamless.

The selection of the right HMI will be influenced by parameters such as the use case, location of the device, the type of environment it is in and the complexity of the features and functions to be accessed and controlled.

Working with you to understand your use case and application, our customer-centric team will propose to you the most appropriate HMI.

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Due to our Industrialization capabilities, we will work to ensure that the selected HMI is optimized for your device, and can even take on the role of manufacturing your final product.

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