Impulse is an offer that aims at supporting industries such as automotive (with the ISO 26262 standard), mobility, transport, logistics, HBAS (Home and Building Automation Systems), industry and infrastructure monitoring, in their electronics and IoT developement.




Your design needs

You know your markets and your business, so we have oriented our offer to provide you with the right services, in the right format and at the right time to meet your needs.  Our services covers ideation, PoC, architecture, design, development, testing and validation, right through certification support, production and lifecycle.  

We are very flexible for your requirements, from a simple module to a complete system with a large range of design services.  Whether you are looking for the complete or partial design of a project, we can assist you from design to manufacturing on all these aspects, providing a team of experts for each stage.

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Our services for your projects 

 Offering design services to businesses is our core business. We have a broad panel of offers:

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  • PoC Implementation (Proof of Concept)
  • Architecture & product definition
  • Product Design and Development included end2end IoT solution
  •  Engineering services: HW design, SW design, Audio/Acoustic design, redesign services, cloud, platforms, mobile apps, AI, machine learning, …
  • Technical Consulting
  • Qualification/Pre-Certification/Testing

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An ecosystem of experts

We know that no two projects are the same. We bring together the right team, drawn from our multi-disciplinary team of experts, to support your project. Leveraging our experience, our partner solutions and our IP bricks to accelerate development we are a one-stop-shop to turn your concept or spec into a industrialisation ready product. We also can rely on our ecosystem at the forefront of progress in terms of semiconductor, IoT and electronic cards. 

Our team includes more than 100 engineers with specialized expertise in hardware and software design (embedded, backend, OS, apps), mechanical, audio and acoustics, application development and a project management office. We ensure that you and your product are at the centre of the development process each step of the way.  Our global IoT expertise and micro-expertise allow us to respond to complex projects.

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