What is mechatronics?

Mechatronics merges mechanics, electronics, IT and control engineering to create optimized, intelligent systems. This convergence offers simpler, more economical, reliable and versatile solutions.

1. Synergy of skills: combining the fields of mechanics, electronics, IT and control engineering enables us to design integrated, innovative systems.

2. Optimized performance and costs: integrating electronic and mechanical systems improves overall product performance and reduces costs.

3. Process control: to guarantee the success of a mechatronics project, it is essential to control the process from start to finish, from design through robust system and mechanical architecture, right through to industrialization to ensure the product’s series production.

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Mechatronics services

Mechatronics for innovative projects

Mechatronics can be found in every field where technology is involved, combining the constraints of appearance and functionality (texture, material rendering, finishes) in the automotive, industrial and home automation sectors. Able to adapt automatically to changing states, it offers numerous advantages in terms of ergonomics, safety and precision.


Successful development of mechatronic solutions

Mechatronics development follows an integrated digital process from design to series production, in several stages:

  1. Pre-study of the system and analysis of software and hardware specifications
  2. Digitization and modeling of the mechanical system using CAD tools (Catia V5, Solidworks, etc.).
  3. Machining of mechanical parts
  4. Mechatronics design: definition and validation of pre-studies for plastic injection molds
  5. Prototyping (aesthetic and form factor mock-ups, soft tooling), optimized digital digitizing process using a 3D printer.
  6. Parts industrialization and product integration processes
  7. Assistance with production start-up

Mechatronics Solutions Development

Engineers integrate aesthetic, ergonomic, resistance and robustness aspects from the design stage, proposing an optimized and sustainable design (eco design) in line with the economic expectations of the project. Their expertise includes:

1. Plastics industry: choice of materials and materials, injection techniques, validation of pre-studies of molds, aesthetic parts, techniques.
2. Technologies: electronic integration, stamping, foundry, machining, thermoforming, HMI, screens.
3. Manufacturing and assembly process: choice and proposal of process methods according to the specifications (Box build).
4. Monitoring suppliers for components and tools.
5. Compliance with product standards and certifications, including thermal, IPXX for waterproofing, drops, shocks, IKXX for robustness, mechanical resistance, wear, etc.

Securing your product

The safety of your product is based on an in-depth risk analysis, drawn from the experience of our teams and feedback from previous projects. Risks identified include EMI (electromagnetic interference), drops, shocks, vibrations, thermal stress, solar exposure, cosmetics and ergonomics.

To guarantee design quality, an architecture that is 80% or 90% complete enables us to run an initial simulation and assess the compatibility of the electronic design with assembly and integration constraints. Our experts carry out a wide range of simulations, including thermal, rheological and vibratory tests, to ensure the robustness and reliability of your product.

Our expertise in mechatronics: transforming your needs into industrial products

Our mechatronics expertise, forged by years of experience and the success of numerous projects in different fields of application, enables us to support your project at every stage, from design to series production. We have in-depth knowledge of tooling suppliers, and can advise you on system architecture as well as on all stages of development and industrialization of your box build.

Thanks to our understanding of extreme technical environments and regulations, we design high-performance, robust solutions for critical applications in the harshest environments, guaranteeing, among other things, watertightness and mechanical resistance.

With our Design for Manufacturing approach, we integrate safe industrialization right from the design phase, optimizing costs, lead times and durability of the final product. Thanks to our rigorous and proven project management approach, we validate each stage to ensure the success of your project. Our recent achievements in the fields of home automation and industrial products bear witness to our expertise.

Making a success of your mechatronics project

We understand that the success of mechatronic production goes beyond aesthetic appearance or functionality alone. Drawing on our expertise in the automotive, industrial and home automation fields, we take a systems approach to your requirements, whether in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics or robustness.

Whether it’s an industrial connected object (IIoT) or an embedded electronics product, we ensure that your vision becomes a reality, whatever the integration environment. We secure every stage, from design to mass production, to guarantee the quality, cost and reliability of your product.

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