Guaranteeing our customers the security of their data is essential to us.

Providing  our  customers  with  quality,  customized  IoT solutions  is  intrinsically  linked  to  cybersecurity, to  ensure  that  the data  generated  or passing  through  its  product  or solution  is  secure  at all times.

Whether  the data  is  sensitive or not,  whether  your  architecture  is  on-premise, cloud or  hybrid,  we  assure  you  that  the solutions  we  adapt  guarantee  compliance  with  very  specific  standards.

We  provide  end-to-end management of the  security  inherent to  our  platform,  through  the  complete  protection of  your  data,  between  connected  devices  and the cloud, applications and services.

Ensure that our solutions are secure


Our proven process for working on your projects

  • Privacy by design with identification of risks and definition of the right level of security required from the start of the project
  • Security by design (Data privacy and GDPR compliant) : we apply the guidelines of the Etsi 303645 +ISO 62443 standard which allows the application of the state of the art techniques, notably through a risk analysis early in the project and a certain number of recommendations on the development of the product
  • External Security Audit according to the projects
  • Continuous technology watch to offer the latest technologies in terms of security and privacy

Maintaining the security in your device

  • We implement Secure Firmware Upgrade
  • We use Secure Boot
  • Programming in Trust environment (Trust Zone)
  • We provide storage of encryption keys and certificates in secure elements for higher security level
  • Encryption of sensitive partitions form the file system for users data and product configuration
  • Implement over the top security for connectivity
  • Protect local bus communication from unwanted access
  • Lock of the product memories, peripherals and debug capabilities at production level
  • Product secure key programming and provisioning in the manufacturing Flow
img_583x370 end2end

Avoid data hacking or attacks via the cloud and for app

  • Secure data communication with the cloud (encrypted protocol)
  • OWASP guideline
  • Authentication protocol
  • Encryption key storage in safe place on cloud encrypted
  • Encryption between device and app for local communication