Today’s connectivity ecosystem is rich and offers a wide range of solution for the success of your IoT device and your ability to accelerate your business innovation. So, making the right choice is critical and our team of experts at LACROIX is here to guide you all the way through the decision-making process.

The connectivity technological landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and offers broad options: cellular networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and satellite connections all have their strengths and weaknesses. IMPULSE by LACROIX added value is its expertise and skills with these technologies to bring your business the highest added value.

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At LACROIX, we understand that picking the right technology for your own needs and use case is critical for the liability of your project. Our team of experts is on frontline to tackle your technological challenges to guide you toward the right connectivity choice according to your constraints, demands, vision and user experience.
Using the right technology for the right user case

Using the right technology for the right user case



Every use case is different in IoT devices so IMPULSE by LACROIX offers a wide range of coverage solutions for your specific needs. While using Bluetooth might be more power efficient its range is quite short, a couple of meters at best, while LPWAN technologies like NBIOT, Sigfox or LoRa can extend your coverage over 15 km.


Energy efficiency

Power efficiency is key to your connected device reliability. Picking is Mesh-connected devices running on ZigBee 3.0 are less efficient than LoRa, and 2G cellular connections are for more energy efficient compared to newer cellular options like LTE-M & NBIOT technologies.



Your connectivity options are tied to your device mobility. When working for solutions on mainland or near populated areas traditional cellular options are the best like LTE-M. If mobility is not a key factor you can choose Bluetooth Low Energy or WLAN when you are deploying your solutions outside the grid.


Localization option

If your solution requires localization services, you can opt for different technological choice depending on your device deployment. Relying on GPS or GLONASS coordinates are great if you outside a connectivity grid such as internet cable or cellular towers. If not both cellular techs and short-range options are viable options such as UWB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Uplink data rate

Data is king and making sure it gets delivered in time when needed is a key aspect of your device’s success. Depending on the demands the technology and the rate will vary. The use of NB-IoT connection with an uplink rate of 20kbps is enough but your device might need beefer links up to 2Gbps, for this 5G IoT connections are you go to.

Your Business model


Getting the right protocol for the right use is not enough. The last key factor of your success using the IMPULSE offer is the business knowledge they have from an extensive expertise on use case scenario. Your optimized solution depends on your business model. LACROIX experts will advise you on how to get the best value for the services you’ll provide to your end-users either with one-time buy offers or subscription-based offers.