Design a tailor-made IoT solution

Depending on the specificities of your markets and the expectations for your IoT product, we design the ideal solution based on two components:

  • Our generic platforms: which accelerate the development of IoT products and ensure compliance with the Cyber ​​Resilience Act (CRA)
  • Custom design: with partial or complete customization of off-the-shelf solutions to meet your IoT expectations

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Our generic platforms
to accelerate the development
of your IoT product

The IoT solutions deployed are based on generic platforms used in particular by our internal customers, the City business and the Environment business. Thus, our IoT solutions are continuously tested and improved, and adaptable to suit the specificities of your markets.

Developed from technological building blocks (hardware, communication protocol, cyber security, cloud connectivity, equipment management, data management), our IoT platforms can be personalized to meet all of your needs.

These LX Sense, LX Gate and LX Connect platforms offer you the assurance of obtaining your cost-optimized connected solution within a reasonable time frame in order to be the first to release the functionality on your end market.



3 generic platforms to accelerate your IoT project

1- LX SENSE: a sensor platform

This low-power IoT platform is based on microcontrollers.
Embedded in hardware and design references, it allows data to be collected
from low energy consumption sensors, in restrictive environments.

Plateforme passerelle iot - LX GATE

2- LX GATE: a gateway platform

This high-performance IoT platform is based on microprocessors.
Embedded in hardware and design references, it allows data to be processed and aggregated using a gateway.

Plateforme IoT - LX Connect

an IoT platform

This adaptable and scalable modular IoT platform features an application and web services to connect and manage IoT device fleets. It therefore allows:

1- Manage IoT devices with automated updating of firmware and security certificates
2- Collect data in real time
3- Analyze and generate reports
to enhance the data

Based on your needs, we identify the most suitable platform and we add your design specifications to create your IoT solution.



Tailor-made design with a 100% personalized solution


To meet your specific needs, we can also develop a partial or complete personalized solution drawing on our design skills within the design center, and in particular:

  • IoT standards: LoRa, 5G, NBIoT with LwM2M, Matter interoperability
  • Electronic and embedded software: Containers, Python​
  • AI / Big Data / Machine Learning​: Partnership with AWS ​
  • Cloud : AWS, Azure​
  • Eco-design: Materials used, product development, product assembly procedures
  • Cybersecurity: Secure by design with dedicated standards (CRA, IEC 62 443…​)
  • Hardware
  • Vision systems​ : Computer Vision, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)​
  • UX with mobile app : Flutter Apps, Native IOS or Android Apps​
  • Mechatronics : Aesthetics, ergonomics, environmental constraints (IP68), kinematics
    And many others…


The 4 key advantages of the design stage with Impulse

✅ Optimization of your time to market thanks to generic IoT platforms
✅ Optimizing your total cost of ownership
✅ Creation of a robust and cyber-secure industrial solution
✅ Avoiding hidden costs thanks to industrialized platforms designed to scale

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After this experimental stage, discover the production: