Discover the LACROIX Impulse offer

Impulse, the LACROIX Design Center is born from the acquisition of eSofThing by LACROIX in 2020. With over 100+ engineers, Impulse is becoming one of the French references in the field of electronic design and manufacturing services​ for automotive, avionics and defence, industrial,​ Home and building automation.

Today, companies in many sectors have to face big challenges to adapt in a fast changing world : the LACROIX Impulse offer was created to help you face these major challenges.

High-speed technological evolution

How to stay in the race with the acceleration of technological cycles ?

Artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, advanced communication networks, block chains, 4.0 factories: technological innovations are accelerating relentlessly and cause lots of upheavals.

Do companies have what it takes to withstand these disruptions? What strategies can be deployed to keep them competitive?  

While technological advances are rapid, they are difficult to predict and control. You have to adapt continuously, and always on the lookout for what’s going on in research and rely on expert partners.


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An offensive competition

Need to accelerate time-to-market, innovate & shorten time between Proof Of Concept & Industrialization?

Too many Proof of Concept fail. It’s important to integrate the industrialization constraints in the first instance and work with a skilled partner.
Impulse combines the agility of a startup with the strength of a large group to accompany you from conception to industrialization, with a value proposition tailored to your needs.


The customer at the center 

How to simplify complexity ?  

Even if technology gets more & more complex, it is mandatory to put the customer at the center of the projects and ensure that technology remains accessible to the customer, the user’s experience being the primary objective. 

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The IoT growth  

Today, even in traditional markets, the IoT allows to invent new value propositions, to develop new business models and succeed in its transformation towards service offers.  

Because we want to help our customers to face these challenges, LACROIX has implemented the IMPULSE offer to help you succeed. 


Our key words 

Innovation & cutting-edge technologies: we make you benefit from the latest technologies to bring innovation. 

Quality & customer satisfaction: Our focus is on the delivery of the best result according to your needs in terms of quality, cost & delay.

Customer centric: Technology is at the service of the customer’s experience.

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