Sensors, measurements: what are we talking about?

A sensor can have several meanings:

  • The sensor or element that takes the measurement and records the value
  • The sensor as a device that translates the measured information into another language (e.g. Modbus) and stores this measurement.
  • The IoT sensor, which adds connectivity to transmit this information: a connected, communicating object comprising one or more sensors, a connectivity protocol and energy management:

Larousse: “Measurement is the action of evaluating a quantity according to its relationship with a quantity of the same kind, taken as a unit and as a reference.”
In the context of our services, this means acquiring an analog value and then converting it into a digital value.

Sensors and measurement - LACROIX

How do you get high-performance, cost-effective sensors?

In a product architecture, there are two possibilities:

  1. A sensor that provides an analog value, which requires calibration and conversion into a digital value, and therefore requires expertise.
  2. A commercially available sensor, already calibrated, guarantees performance and provides ready-to-use measurements.

The right sensor for your architecture will depend not only on your needs, but also on its performance and cost: your solution may require development to achieve better performance than a ready-to-use solution.


How do IMPULSE experts support projects involving sensors?

#1 Sensor selection: know-how backed by purchasing power for competitive solutions

The search for a supplier is carried out with the purchasing department on the basis of a pre-selection of products, taking into account price, component durability and energy consumption. Given the Group’s purchasing power, you’ll benefit from an excellent cost/quality ratio and a competitive solution tailored to your project.

#2 Mock-up of your solution

On the basis of your specifications, IMPULSE’s experts carry out a concept mock-up to check that the required performance can be achieved. This is followed by pre- and post-processing.
In the case of an off-the-shelf sensor or standard design, no special processing is required.

#3 Your cost-effective software solution

Your need is usually for a complete assembly, not just the sensor to perform the measurement. It involves assembling a means of communication with the quantities to be measured.
To do this, we combine two types of expertise: expertise in low power and expertise in battery-operated communication protocols. We will select for you the sensors that will guarantee their performance over time, and will be the most appropriate for your application, while meeting your consumption and granularity constraints.

#4 A technological brick to quickly develop your connected object

Dedicated to data collection, LX Sense is a technological brick developed by LACROIX. By combining it with the appropriate communication protocol and energy management, our experts define and build the tailor-made connected solution that integrates the functionalities you need.

For an object requiring wall mounting, multi-support mechanics, a replacement hatch, or a waterproof variant for outdoor use, we’ll call on our mechatronics experts.
Example: the IoT Sensor collects data to measure air quality in populated environments: hygrometry, CO2 concentration, temperature. This highly compact, battery-powered device has a service life ranging from 5 to 12 years, depending on the usage profile.

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