eCUBE DVP: Development platform for Renesas R-Car V3HSK V2.1 with pre-integrated vision pipeline software

With eCUBE DVP, save time & effort to developers when they prototype and evaluate innovative ADAS use cases having in the loop video display and camera sensors.

eCUBE DVP is a mother board designed and manufactured by LACROIX to extend the functionalities of Renesas R-Car V3x starter kit.
It enables plugin two cameras thanks to the two FAKRA connectors and display frame buffer on a HDMI screen connected to the board. Typical use of eCUBE DVP is cameras frames streaming with frames sending to customer application or a third-party perception stack then rending camera frames on HDMI display with graphics information blended on camera frames.
Dedicated firmware for eCUBE DVP enables LI-IMX390-GMSL2 camera and LI-AR0220-GMSL2 camera commercialized by Leopard Imaging company as well as the onboard HDMI transmitter.


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eCUBE DVP: What are the key uses & benefices?


A linux sample application grabbing frames from the cameras and displaying results on display frame buffer is delivered in source code allowing developpers to simplify integration work of real time video streams with their own perception stack.



eCUBE DVP camera extension board schematics are released in the case developpers want to develop their own video pipeline to test their own camera.

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eCUBE DVP: What are the technological advantages?

  • Two popular ADAS cameras sensors available on market pre-enabled in software with R-Car V3H ISP enabled and ISP first level tuning completed for both cameras sensors.
  • Auto Exposure and White Balance management to adapt light conditions.
  • Product registration enables free of charge software download for eCUBE DVP.




Download the eCUBE DVP data sheet

Contact our LACROIX engineering team for custom software release of specific or advanced ISP tuning and cameras configurations more adapted to your specific use case.