Power management

Working on a wide variety of IoT projects, our team of engineers nurtured a precise expertise on power management. Mastering the power of electricity and developing the right solution for your specific needs are a key component of your success for your next IoT project. Making sure that power consumption is under control and is distributed where, when and with the right amount needed is the difference between success and failure. Our team of expert will ensure the quality of the power management of your device to match your expectations and constraints.


Low power consumption

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Power distribution

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Power consumption

What’s more crucial for an IoT device than controlling its power usage?
Making sure your device can work with optimal capacities day and night or only when its needed is one of the biggest challenges our team of experts at LACROIX Impulse. Our engineers understand that power management is tied to your own use case and making the right technical and software decisions to meet your specific needs. Solutions to create a power-efficient device can range from battery choices, picking components with low power drain, coding deep sleep mode or optimizing communication schedules.

One use battery that can last for decades

Using this kind of technology will allow your device to work remotely by itself for decades. This is perfect for solutions that are deployed in remote and/or with extreme environmental hazards. You can embed this technology for long range captors to monitor operations from long range for example. Without having to send personal on the ground and cut massive maintenance expenses and thus generating profits for your business.

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Low power drain components

Power management is not only a question of using the proper electric battery but also thinking ahead in the development process. Our LACROIX Impulse experts use their vast knowledge and their connections within the group to make sure your solution gets the best component for your own use case. Picking lower power drain components that will ensure your product is the most power efficient it can be before it’s launched on the market.

Deep sleep mode

Developing a power efficient solution is not only a technical or a technological challenge. It’s more. Our team of experts understand that gains in power efficacity can be made by developing software solutions that further push the live span of your devices. Depending on your specific needs they provide your product with deep sleep modes that will lessen the power usage of your battery.

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Communication schedule optimization

One of the power-intensive activity for any kind of IoT devices is data transmitting. That’s why our developers optimize the schedule and the data flow emitting from your product, combining it with deep sleep mode, to save power and extend its life span.


Power Supply

When our experts talk about power distribution at LACROIX Impulse, it’s not only about how to optimise electrical circuits to make sure connected devices are power efficient but it’s also about how to generate power and transform it into the most optimized mechanical action.


Unleashing raw power

Power management goes beyond power efficiency, it’s also developing solutions to unleash the raw energy of a power source and optimizing its input to maximise its efficiency. Our experts develop solutions for the automotive industry and works on motor systems or actuators to optimize their outputs by using algorithms and tweaking how they work from the inside.

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Taming electrical power

One of the biggest challenges when unleashing the electrical power is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). EMC is the ability of a system or equipment to function within their acceptable electromagnetic environment. Every part is generating electromagnetic energy that might cause negative effects such as electromagnetic interferences (EMI) or cause physical damages to devices. That is why our team of experts make sure that every piece they design and manufacture are within the European (CE) and American (FCC) regulations to guarantee your product launch on every market.

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Power transformation

Unleashing the power is not enough, you need to control its flow and how the energy is used and transformed to power motors or levers, making sure to your device is doing what it’s supposed to do.