LACROIX Impulse develops different type of technologies:


IoT Platforms 


LX Sense & LX Gate

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Impulse’s business is to design for your business and deliver innovations 

  • Sensors adapted to your need
  • Devices including Vision/Acoustic/Voice
  • Gateways

To create a product, we provide you with blocks of technological, functional and software components that we customize for your project.  These blocks are available for your IOT device projects to be then deployed in the field in order to digitize your business. LX Sense & LX Gate are designed with a predeveloped hardware platform on which you can develop products efficiently. 


Based on Lx Sense, our UserKit allow you to accelerate your IoT project with embedded and external sensors and with cellular IoT. It is a pre-industrialized and turnkey kit to help you quickly validate your Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP) in real-life conditions:

  • Embedded Sensors (temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope)
  • Cellular connectivity (NB-IoT, LTE-M)
  • Positioning (GPS, GNSS)
  • Connectors to add external sensors
  • Battery operated
  • IP67 (waterproof and dust proof)

This userkit is a key component of IoT Continuum partnership that we have with Orange, STMicroelectronics, Sierra Wireless and LACROIX.





LX Connect


IoT is not a market but an answer of a need. With Impulse, we care about your needs

  • IoT Core Services, in order to connect and manage your devices: Device Management, Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA), Security management, User Management,…
  • IoT Business Services leveraged by AI & Analytics


An IoT object in the cloud necessarily needs to go through a technical platform to collect data and integrate the direction of the information system. We dispose of our own platform compatible with IP networks like wifi, LTE, NBIoT…

We provide the IoT equipment that has through a network who makes data available on a server (typically what we do with SmartPole) and the client comes to collect its data and manages it by itself.

The platform manages your fleet of device, track the status and identify devices which are not working as expected. You can as well manage the remote update of part or entire fleet without sending a technician in the field, which is costly if your devices are all over the world. The update system also manages certificate update to apply security best practices

For product marketing team, you can view the usage of the devices and how they are configured by your customer to focus on features which are really used by your customer.

Customer support team can use the platform with statistic and remote diagnostic to help remotely a customer to install or maintain the IIoT sensor.


LACROIX Impulse is intimately linked to CybersecurityOur solutions are GDPR compliant, which is important when we talk about IoT,  and we are able to contact several businesses according to your data management

  • If you want to do IOT but without the data coming out of your ecosystem, we know how to do On-Premise to keep the data local.
  • If you want a stand-alone solution outside of your ecosystem, we can offer Software as a service solution to simplify the operation of the service in your side.

Read more about our expertise in cybersecurity


  • Cloud backend: programming and designing
  • Phone or tablet Application’s interfaces
  • Voice user interfaces (VUI), in function of interaction options you choose
  • Access to Application Programming Interfaces: specifications adapted to your standards, and implementation
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When we design an IoT solution, you need a smartphone to turn it on or connect it via Internet, Bluetooth or NFC for example. It is necessary to set up interactions to enter the connected technologies and therefore to create interface with this product.

The backend interface is all the bricks and the software ecosystem that allow to interact with the product and to receive data related to the connected object. For example, the Interface can be a web application on which you connect to get product data and know how many times you use the product or which feature is the most used…

Contact us for your interface project


Case studies 

For SmartPoleour IoT platform connect to several LoRA network provider like Orange Live Object. We have also connector to Azure if you have business application running on Microsoft environment which requires the data.

With Total Energies,  we offered an application focus atom with end-to-end development and data collection.

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