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Do you have an IoT project and are wondering how to guarantee its success?
Do you work in the industrial sector and are looking for a reliable partner to support you through the various stages of your project?

Specialized in the development of IoT solutions, LACROIX is the ideal partner to bring your IoT project to life. With its end-to-end offer, our design center teams will support you from design to production of your connected object.

Find out a closer look at 3 key stages in the success of your IoT project:

1- Strategic thinking around CSR: IoT for Good, the role of IoT in your CSR strategy

2- The platform approach: Accelerate your IoT project with IoT platforms

3- Launching an MVP: Launch your MVP quickly with the IoT Continuum partnership

These themes were highlighted at the PizzaIoT conference organized by LACROIX at SIDO Lyon last September.

Have a look back at the event with our LACROIX speakers: Stéphane Gervais (Executive VP, Strategic Innovation), Gwilherm Agaesse (Business Developer) and Grégoire Lanaud (IoT Business Development & strategic partnership manager).


IoT for Good: The role of IoT in your CSR strategy

By 2030, the number of connected objects is expected to exceed 25 billion. Therefore, manufacturers have an important role to play in producing better, more useful products, and in helping to meet today’s ecological and environmental challenges.

At LACROIX, we design and produce IoT that have a positive impact. We call this IoT for good. This is the case, for example, with IoT to remotely control public lighting (via the City activity of LACROIX) and monitor water networks (via the Environment activity of LACROIX). Here, the aim is to optimize flows in urban spaces on one hand, and limit energy and water consumption on another hand. Artificial intelligence, combined with IoT, also offers numerous possibilities for developing solutions.

To find out more about our vision of IoT for good, we recommend this article: Connected devices: Are they any of help in dealing with societal issues?

Before embarking on an IoT project, it’s important to measure the impact of your product from a CSR point of view. LACROIX’s expertise can support you to design and produce a sustainable IoT that meets both your business and environmental and societal challenges.

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Accelerate your IoT project with IoT platforms

To develop your IoT project, several steps are necessary:

  1. Experiment your IoT project to validate its uses upstream and define its value proposition
  2. Design your technical IoT solution to develop it end-to-end, from device to mobile application
  3. Produce and industrialize your IoT solution, from software deployment to hardware production


At LACROIX, we support you at every step to bring your IoT product to life.

Designed in-house for our own mission-critical applications, our IoT platforms accelerate the development of your IoT products through the integration of technological building blocks: hardware, communication protocol, cyber security, cloud connectivity, device management, data management…

3 generic platforms are available:

  1. LX SENSE: a sensor platform
  2. LX GATE: a gateway platform
  3. LX CONNECT: an IoT platform


Based on your needs, we identify the most appropriate platform and add your design specifications to create your own customized IoT solution that meets your market requirements. By using our platform approach, you benefit from reduced time-to-market and a complete offer, from design to manufacturing through our LACROIX production plants.

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Launch your MVP quickly with the IoT Continuum partnership  

Before industrializing your product and deploying it on a large scale, it is important to create an MVP (Minimum Valuable Product). This step enables you to test your product on the market and validate its use case. In this way, initial assumptions (functionalities, markets, techniques, processes) are validated and risks limited.

In partnership with IoT Continuum, we have developed a ready-to-use user kit to test your MVP on the field and prepare it for industrialization. This user kit enables you to test a number of criteria, such as sensors, connectivity, localization, HMI, environment, power and much more.

The user kit is therefore an essential component in the success of your IoT project!


Created in 2020, the IoT Continuum brings together 4 key players in the IoT ecosystem to support and accelerate the implementation of IoT projects through to industrialization: Orange, STMicroelectronics, Sierra Wireless and LACROIX.

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PizzaIoT is THE afterwork meeting to talk IoT while enjoying pizzas…


As the name suggests, “PizzaIoT” is an afterwork event where you can talk about IoT… while enjoying pizzas! This regular business event organized by LACROIX brings together IoT players with conferences and networking.

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