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ShowMeIoT : Smart Home & Building market

The construction sector is changing with the appearance of new technologies which contribute to make buildings more intelligent and more energy efficient. In this context, LACROIX, expert in IoT thanks to its design center, has developed an IoT demonstrator, a totem that displays its know-how in this field.

Monitor temperatures to optimize the energy performance of buildings

SOFREL IoT Sensors are robust, low power and energy self-sufficient and enable real-time temperature monitoring in buildings. These sensors can operate in harsh conditions and measure indoor and outdoor temperatures. They then communicate their records to SCADAs via the LoRaWAN network.

SOFREL IoT sensor and mobile app to monitor

These sensors are particularly useful in the Smart Building context, where they can remotely monitor temperatures in industrial, commercial, public and multi-family buildings. They can also send alerts in case of an event.

By regularly recording and transmitting temperatures, these sensors contribute to the optimization of the energy performance of buildings. Indeed, they can detect areas of overconsumption and adapt heating and air conditioning systems accordingly.

Conso Live Key: tracking electricity consumption in real time

LACROIX has also developed the Conso Live Key, a solution that allows TotalEnergies customers to track their electricity consumption in real time on their smartphones. This solution is directly connected to the Linky meters (French smart electricity meters) and uses AI to analyze the data and distinguish the consumption of various household appliances.

Clé Conso Live TotalEnergies

The Conso Live Key allows users to understand their consumption behavior and provides recommendations to consume better. TotalEnergies has already observed a 13% reduction in electricity consumption among customers who use this solution.

The Conso Live Key is a simple and effective solution for reducing electricity consumption and improving environmental impact. It also helps save money on your electricity bill.


LACROIX, expert in IoT in various fields such as Smart Home and Smart Building provide solutions in order to make buildings more intelligent, more energy efficient and more respectful towards the environment.